Ethical code of coalition For easy giving

  1. The donor will be informed about the mission and work of the non-profit organization, about the purpose for which the donation will be used and about the ability of the organization to use the gift effectively in accordance with the mission.
  2. The donor will be informed about people working in a nonprofit organization. He also has the right to expect that the organization has been managed responsibly, independently and effectively.
  3. The donor has access to the organization’s current annual and financial reports. If the donor donates money for a particular purpose, it should be used only for that purpose.
  4. The donor receives the appropriate acknowledgment.
  5. The donor will be assured that he will be treated by the nonprofit organization professionally and in accordance with morality. The request for a gift and its use will be made in a clear, distinct and immutable way.
  6. The donor will be assured that his personal and donor information will be treated in accordance with the law.
  7. The donor has the right to request the erasement of his personal data from the databases used by a non-profit organization for informing the donor. He can be sure that the nonprofit organization will do so immediately.
  8. The donor has the opportunity to ask questions about the donation and work of a non-profit organization and the assurance he will receive a quick, truthful, complete and open response.
  9. The donor has the assurance that the goals, visions and missions of NGO do not violate human rights or otherwise disadvantage citizens.

Each of the member organizations of the coalition undertakes to accord with the ethics code.