Being a member of the coalition For easy giving brings both obligations and benefits that are for everyone and each member can use them according to their needs and possibilities.

Sharing experiences

  • on procedural and technical matters; we share know-how in relationship fundraising
  • We share knowledge about collaboration with the third parties (companies practicing direct e-mailing, banks, mobile service providers, etc.)
  • we advise each other on how effectively proceed in the process of donor methods or to thank donors

Common removal of donor barriers in following areas

  • Online support options
  • Enhancement form
  • High bank charges
  • Mobile donation
  • Legislation

Access to news about donation methods

  • We track news from the field of individual fundraising and thanks to it we develop
  • Methods, ideas, case studies, statistics
  • We follow developments in philanthropy abroad

Another benefits

  • access to all of the listings, information and presentations on the shared disk
  • Discussions on given topics (either at informal meetings or electronically via the mailing list)