Membership fees

The most important part of the coalition’s funding is membership fees. The amount of membership fees is calculated on the basis of individual fundraising income, ie individual donor income, not subsidies, grants, subsidies or corporate gifts.

On the basis of this criterion, the membership fees are divided into three levels:

Příjem z IFRRoční členský poplatek
do 1 000 000 Kč8 000 Kč
1 000 000 - 5 000 000 Kč13 000 Kč
nad 5 000 000 Kč18 000 Kč

Exceptions at the given levels are organizations that implement direct dialogue. Considering that they use the biggest advantage promoted by the coalition, they move regardless of the level of income from individual fundraising to the third (highest) level. However, the exception does not apply to organizations that the individual fundraising income is less than CZK 1,000,000, while direct dialogue is involved, In this case, the annual membership fee is equal to the first level of funding.

Foundations and Government

Exceptionally the coalition For easy giving accepts grants. In the past our work has been supported by Nadace Via, Stefan Batory Foundation and by the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. Thank you!


The financial statements are published in a standard manner and are available here in the public collection of documents.